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Jessica’s races

Race Position Short facts
2022 Buffalo Stampede 10km 3rd female
2022 Surf Coast Century 100km ITB issues at 40km rendered my right knee useless and unable to bend
2022 GSER 28km 5th female Not really racing just enjoying
2021 Alpine Challenge 60km 1st female Got lost – extra 2.5km
2021 Warburton 50km 3rd female Took a wrong turn at 48km chasing 2nd place
2021 Surf Coast Century 50km 2nd female Felt great all race
2020 Bright Run Fest 10km x 10 days 1st female, 1st overall 10 consecutive days of running
2020 Gold Coast Virtual Half Marathon (21km) 1st in category (F30-39)

2nd female overall

Half marathon PB – 1:32:34
2020 Trail Run Adventure Virtual Race (various) 1st place female 2 x 2 hours races – max distance and max elevation
2020 Great Ocean Road Virtual Half Marathon (21km) 4th place female First virtual race / PB
2020 Tour de Trails Donna Double (22km) 2nd place female (open) Sprained ankle at 17km
2019 Rapid Ascent Surf Coast Century (50km) 6:57:16 Running with a broken metatarsal
2019 Trails Plus You Yangs (30km) 5th place female Not physically or mentally ready post TSP and UTA
2019 Peak Adventure Duathlon (4km-18km-8km) 1st place female team With Imogen
2019 Ultra Trail 50 (50km) 14th in category

30th female overall

Sprained ankle at 20km
2019 The Speed Project (550km) 43hrs 42 minutes Beat the previous female record for that distance
2018 Spartan Super Elite (13km) 5th place female Qualification into OCR World Championships and Spartan Regionals
2018 Rapid Ascent Surf Coast Century (21km) 5th place – team
2018 Wonderland (20km) 1st place female DSQ for wearing headphones

3 minutes off the course record

2018 PB Events Dirty Duathlon (8km-30km-8km) 2nd place female
2018 Peak Adventure Duathlon 2nd place female First duathlon
2018 Tussock Traverse, NZ (26km) 3rd place female
2017 Melbourne Marathon (10km) 4th in category 12 seconds off podium!!

10km PB at 40:20

2017 The Trail Running Series Race 4 (10km) 1st place female Overall Trail Running Series Winner
2017 Rapid Ascent Lara Pinta Multi Day Race (11km, 20km, 22km, 30km) 1st place female First attempt at multi day race
2017 Trails Plus You Yangs (21km) 1st place female First attempt at half marathon trail
2017 The Trail Running Series Race 3 (12km) 2nd place female
2017 The Trail Running Series Race 2 (10km) 2nd place female
2017 The Trail Running Series Race 1 (11km) 2nd place female
2017 Trails Plus Macedon Ranges (10km) 1st place female New course record
2017 Run the Dog (10km) 2nd place female
2017 Rollercoaster Run (22km) 2nd place female
2017 V Trail Series Race 3 1st place female Overall V Trail Series female winner
2017 V Trail Series Race 2 2nd place female
2016 V Trail Series Race 1 3rd place female
2016 The Trail Running Series Race 2 (7km) 1st place female
2016 Trails Plus You Yangs (15km) 1st place female

Imogen’s races

Trail races Position Short facts
2020 UTMB Virtual 50km 3rd in category, 7th female overall
2019-2020 King of the Hills half marathon (trail) – Race 4 8th female overall, 7th in category
2019-2020 AVOHK Reservoir Series

– Races 2 & 3 (12km + 8km)

1st place in category, 2nd & 3rd female overall
2019 Barclays Moontrekker (40km) 10th female overall Pretty much almost died
2019: Action Asia Mongolia Three-day race (60km) 1st in category, 2nd female overall Imogen’s first multi-day race
2019 Suntrekker (18km) 2nd female overall Overtaken in the last 500m!
2018-2019 King of the Hills Half Race 4 2019 (18km) 5th in category, 7th girl overall
2018 LBC 12km Ladies Race 2nd overall, 1st in category
2018 AVOHK Reservoir Race Series 2nd place in category for series and races
2018 Suntrekker, 2 September 2018 (18km) 3rd female overall